Summerfolk and Tall Ships

A couple weekends ago I went to Owen Sound’s Summerfolk Festival the same weekend an event called Tall Ships was in town.  Tall Ships was a tour of ships that resembled the ships used in the War of 1812.  We didn’t go aboard but I did snap a few photos where they sat in the harbour.  After Owen Sound they moved on to Midland, Ontario.

Summerfolk on the other hand is one of Canada’s largest folk festivals.  Folk artists from all over the country come to Owen Sound for this one festival to share the main stage.  Some local talent are showcased alongside huge names.  Artisans, mainly local, come to sell their work and in-between acts you can grab a hamburger at one of the food vendors. I was working the weekend and some of my photos show an organic sculpture that the community participated in.  We started with a pile of compost materials that the public would come and arrange into art.  Also part of the Tom Thomson Art Gallery‘s TTAG — You’re It! off-site project was a chalkboard tower/sculpture and community painting project of masonite panels with Tom Thomson’s image on them as layouts.

In the evenings I would go and listen to the music, square dance with some friends, make a headdress out of vines and flowers, or sing along to headliner acts like the PROCLAIMERS! It was all in all a fantastic weekend.


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