Students don’t have to eat Mac & Cheese

This dinner took a maximum of 15 minutes, baking time included.  I hate Mac and Cheese, but what I hate more is the stereotype that every student has to eat poorly because they either don’t have the time or the skill.  And let’s be honest something prepared at home with your own two hands is always going to be healthier than take-out or sodium-filled-noodles.

Grocery list:


-1 avocado

-Balsamic vinaigrette (or buy balsamic vinegar and olive oil to mix it yourself, mix to taste.  I like adding ancient mustard Maille brand)


-Pesto basil sauce (can use the rest of this as a pasta sauce for tomorrow’s dinner)

-1 tomato

-Cheese (I used cheddar and also grated one gouda Babybel)

Here we have a flatbread pizza.  Just buy the flatbread at the grocery store, no kneading or mess required.  Spread pesto sauce, just as you would a tomato sauce, getting all the way to the edges.  Grate and add cheese.  Thinly slice the tomato and place on pizza.  If you are making the meal for one person use remaining tomato in your salad. Pizza is now ready for the oven.  Place on broil for 5 minutes and check, if it is to desired crispy-ness then take out and enjoy.

The salad is simply lettuce cut into bite size pieces, balsamic and olive oil combo for dressing and sliced avocados.


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