October 20th 2013


For article click HERE.

In this video we see how models are altered and manipulated by make-up artists and computers to create an image we are told is ideal and normal.  However this video just goes to prove that everyone has flaws and not everyone is perfect.  It is good to keep fit and try to find a healthy middle-ground but to be unhappy about how you look just because you are not like the models or celebrities on TV.  Ridiculous.  People are born different, they have different genetic make-up and they grow different, and everything we are makes us unique.  I have no problem with women trying to find that healthy image through exercise and healthy eating– because these things make you feel better and live better.  But when beauty is taken to extreme imporvements such as eating disorders, plastic surgery or even just a negative opinion of yourself, that is when we see the idea of beauty becoming very harmful.  The video states at the end their goal of getting advertisements to state whether their image was tampered with on the ad, or a disclaimer of sorts.  I think this is a great idea.  Impressionable young girls need to be shown that the images are lies.

If you agree with what I have said or have a different view on this please let me know in the comment section below. Cheers!


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