Exam Season: a.k.a. 2 Weeks of Filling My Head With Noise

Really I have no time to rant but let us pretend I did.  Let’s say I cried about the injustice of the educational system, the stress and the pain it causes every student.  The mental strain we go to only exhausting ourselves mentally and physically.  Sometimes I feel it just isn’t worth it… and really where am I going to be in 5 years??? Probably working in a completely different field yet all my employer cared about was that I was a university graduate… though with my luck I will go through all that education and then be unemployed.

All-in-all wish me luck on these next week.  A week tomorrow I will be on my way home for Christmas holidays, sleeping in the back-seat of my car and dreaming of turkey and chocolate. (I’m already dreaming of Christmas chocolate)!1!! Anyways Cheers to all the care-free happy people!!!



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