Birthdays and CAKE!

So my baby sis and I both finished having our birthdays in January.  I turned 21 and being Canadian there is nothing that changes.  Legal drinking age is 19 and I started voting when I was 18.  Nothing too exciting.  My parents gave me French themed presents because I have an obsession with France due to my exchange there two years ago. If you want to see more pics on how that adventure went you can check my other blog out HERE.

So the birthday went well, with a few surprises and late night cake with friends and then my Mom came to visit the following week with more cake.  I am not gluten-free but even if you aren’t a Quinoa Chocolate Cake makes a rich and moist dessert for any occasion.  And for those that are gluten-free, I can promise you will not be disappointed either.

Now, feeling like I had a gluttonous month right after Christmas turkey bingeing, maybe I should go to the gym. 🙂


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