The List is Out. Top Salary Earners in Ontario.

The List is Out. Top Salary Earners in Ontario. 


What are your profs making each year? Do you feel these salaries are too high? Are you paying too much for your education?

Some of these salaries are way too exaggerated in my opinion, and it has an effect on the rest of the population.

Take Tom Mitchell for example.

“Tom Mitchell, president and CEO of Ontario Power Generation, topped the list with earnings of $1.71 million last year. ” 

If there are 365 days in a year (which there are), he is making $4684.93 / day. $195.21/ hour. And $3.25  a minute!

Come June 1, 2014 minimum wage will be $11/hour.   Is it really just that even the most educated should be making $184.00 more per  hour, than the average blue-collar worker?

I just want to leave you all with Kevin O’Leary’s brilliant words on the wealth gap.  I think this is a huge problem in North America, and yes education should be a goal, a challenge we work hard for.  But does that mean that our qualifications place us of more value than everyone else below us?

For any Facebook friends, I know I have shown this before but I think that his reaction is absolutely horrific. I realize the comparison is between the richest and those in extreme poverty, however the fact that he doesn’t see this as a problem at all bothers me. I do not agree with CEO’s that make ridiculous salaries that are not realistic or comparable to their lowest paid employee.  People should be paid by results.  The tangible work that they put into their jobs.

Let me know what you think in the Comment section below.







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