Andrew Coyne: Quebecers not only just said no to separation, but yes to the 1982 Constitution

Glad to see that a referendum will not be happening and that the majority of the Quebecois are happy with their place as a Canadian province. I love Canada’s diversity of language and culture. I love their history that dates back to Aboriginals, and European colonization. Without Quebec so much of this history and culture would be lost. We would not longer be as unique and there would be less emphasis on bilingual capabilities in the workforce. I have only been to Quebec once, and I didn’t stay for any period of time. But that doesn’t mean that I am indifferent to the province separating. I am a proud Canadian that loves the diversity of Canadian culture. I am very pleased that Quebec will remain a part of the Great White North! I also feel this is the best decision as even with a sustainable population Quebec would need a lot of support from their Canadian neighbours if separating. It would be a very difficult transition. Ok bon, c’est tout pour maintenant πŸ™‚ Γ€ bientΓ΄t!
xoxo S


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