The First Four

The first four days have been crazy. Odd travel stories, finding an apartment and now finally having internet! Still feel a little overwhelmed and completely exhausted but at least the beach is only a 15min walk, shopping centre and banks are only 5min and the grocery store called Casino (not a real Casino) is just down the street. I feel like the biggest letdown so far has been the scratched frying pans and the 37E sheet I bought thinking it was a set. Nope. Here in France what is pictured on the back is not what you are getting in the package. Also, do not forget when you buy something with a security code on it, it becomes very embarrassing when you walk through the store with the receipt and ask them to remove the “inky thing” that you never realized was there. Other than that is has been HOT HOT HOT. Like deathly hot. Like so hot I’m not hungry for meals and only know that I need to eat when I start getting vertigo and dizzy. Everything is alright though, it’s just a matter of getting our feet under us and then we will be off running. Bisous from France!



2 Replies to “The First Four”

    1. Matty you have no idea how good the food is.. the combination of the heat and good quality food just makes you full within 7 bites. I think it is key to eat several meals to survive and stay nourished.


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