Never seen that before.

nice-france-4So here in France there are a lot of things going on differently. For example a city wide bike pass system. Or people peeing in the Mediterranean at night. Very little dog owners do the ‘poop and scoop’ method to keeping the streets clean. It’s more like the ‘leave it and not give a hoot’ method. Yes I just said ‘hoot’ but the word I wanted to say was too ironic and not PG enough for my blog. I have also never seen a shopping mall or grocery store closed on a Sunday.  There are over 40 different kinds of gelato to try some flavours including ‘sun-dried tomato and basil’ and ‘speculose’. I have never seen a bank turn you away simply because you are A) a student or B) not living in the country for a year. I have also never seen a pebble beach. I have never seen so many speedos. And I have never seen such a dirty state of an apartment– I mean it is clean now and we scrubbed hard so we wouldn’t always have black-bottomed socks but it was quite filthy. 

Just finished having friends over to hang-out for my roomie’s birthday so I am off to bed. Tomorrow morning we are going to try and work on the jet-lag and wake up earlier. 


2 Replies to “Never seen that before.”

  1. Hi Shalana. Yeah we’ve seen men, children peeing in parking lots, up against building with bathrooms mere feet away, when we lived in France. Enjoy the cultural differences, it’s a big adjustment.
    Blessings Elaine


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