Quick post: Goin’ to the Beach to read “Le Marriage de Figaro”

On my way to the beach but I have been wanting to update everyone. Life is good, been really homesick lately, but I have been trying to deal with that. School is difficult. I am stressing about one test in particular that is coming up soon, as well as that 100% presentation I was tellin’ y’all about.

Next week I am going back to Provence (the region just beside la cote d’azur), where I spent my first exchange trip to France. I will get to go up Mont Ventoux, revisit old friends AND most importantly get some solid studying in for the three tests the following week.

I have been trying to decide where to go for Remembrance Day. A bunch of us are going to Vimy Ridge. We will see what the end decision is.

Thursday I am off to Grenoble to spend a day there and then drive down to Provence through the mountains. I hope everything goes well, I get anxious driving on those windy roads.

I promise I won’t ignore my blog this bad again. I have a instructions on how to cook mussels, Carbonara pasta. I am even in the works of doing a vlog post on my fabulous Newfie roomates and our silly differences that make us awesome “Newfie vs. Ontarian”. So don’t kick me off the radar yet. I am going to come back kicking. The only problem is I will have limited internet access this week, so when I post them don’t be alarmed if it is all at once.

Well keep on being you (as my Newfie friends would say),

And I will catch up with y’all next time.




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