Newfie Chronicles

What is a Newfie? Generally for a Canadian the question is very simple: someone who lives in Newfoundland.


Technically speaking we Canadians group Newfoundland and Labrador together as one province, even though they are both slightly different. Labrador is connected to mainland Québec and Newfoundland is an island. Even though ancestry in these parts come from either Britain (like many Canadians) or the British Isles specifically Ireland and Scotland, there are still small pocket French communities that exist AS WELL AS a tiny bit of FRANCE — St. Pierre Miquelon Islands.

That being said, this year abroad I have not only been introduced to the ways of the French, but in the very first few days I had to adapt to the Newfie accent, mentality and just easy-going-ness way of life. It has not only taught me how all those Newfie jokes I learnt as kids were wrong because my roommates are very intelligent, but also that Rick Mercer is a Newfie which means they must all have a good sense of humour… but what do I know, I’m just a Mainlander.

If you want to learn more about the Newfie culture, just let me know in the comments.


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