I have been really busy with school lately and have not been blogging at all, but it is time y’all found out! I’M ENGAGED!!

Remember that long term long distance relationship boyfriend that is so far away but never out of thought? Well in November we came to the decision that this was the year, we were just going to take the bullet and go! The wedding will take place August 20th in Ontario, Canada and mon cheri and his family will be flying in from France. He will come in June and the rest will follow closer to the date.

When I told my parents, it wasn’t that they were upset, but I would definitely say they were shocked. Which is somewhat fair considering the news came with news that I would go with him back to France for a short time. My mom is having a hard time adjusting to this idea, as many mothers would.

Apart from that my parents, family, and future husband have been very supportive. My Mom has been helping me plan it while I am finishing off my last year of University which has been rough. We have been keeping everything very simple, and trying to focus on the things that matter most like the people and the activities we want AND of course the DRESS! Now I cannot show you the dress I have chosen for obvious reasons… but I can show you some pretty amazing runner ups!

Keep tuned for more exciting details, and a quick thank-you to Miss J. for encouraging me to start blogging this…I have to admit myself it is a pretty darn exciting moment.

And as they all say … You can only blog about it once… !

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