The day I was trapped starving on a flying machine.

Our flight from Toronto to Montreal October 5th was freezing cold. Thank  goodness my older sister convinced me to take my fall coat with me on the flight even though we were experiencing 25-degree weather. All bundled up in sweaters from my carryon, a blanket I brought and the coat we survived the first slight.

The first flight was at 5:30pm. The flight Montreal to Marseille took off at 9:30pm. Now as any other person would expect we were expecting something to eat right away. Nope. We had not ate dinner. We only had two pitiful granola bars in my purse, things were not good. The pilot comes over the loudspeaker,”Good-evening. Tonight we will start with items that can be ordered from the menu in front of you. We will then serve beverages and then a light snack. In the morning we will serve tea and coffee along with a light snack.” First of all light snack! Anyone flying from Toronto had not had dinner yet. Several times I wanted to push my button for a complaint card and Maxime stopped me. We ate the granola bars. I was so, so very hungry that I could feel my stomach caving in on itself. At 11:30pm the cart came around we got our bag of twelve cookies the size of quarters and a sandwich. I was still hungry. I was about to eat the cookies when Max said, “No, there are twelve of them. You need to eat one every hour until they give us something at breakfast, that way you don’t starve.” Now I knew I wasn’t starving to death, but it was the most uncomfortable plane ride I have ever experienced.

I started to laugh. One aisle up in the center of the plane was a family of three Frenchies. They had all got different sandwiches. The dad asked his son of about seven if he could taste the sandwich, and then proceeded to take a bite that consumed a quarter of the sandwich. The Mom did the same. The Mom and Dad finished their sandwiches. Then the mother proceeded to stare at her son while he ate his sandwich, like a lioness waiting to see if there was anything left. I pointed this out to Max, and the lioness heard me as I giggled. She stared at me so harshly for five minutes.

Lady, I wasn’t making fun of you, I was jealous. Either Max and I need to have a child in order to eat their sandwich on economy planes, OR we need to not fly on economy planes OR we need to bring prepackaged dinners with us in our carryons.



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