Go to your happy place.

Someone once told me that we only get so many perfectly happy moments. For myself I don’t believe these moments should be measured, but that we should be attentive and recognize them in order to cherish these moments while they last.

For me, I have learnt that the ocean makes me happy. The Mediterranean is a close second. Lakes are beautiful but they have less of an emotional pull, they have no currents and no mystery that comes with them. I need to hear the waves crashing, feel the wind in my hair and taste the salt in the air. I could spend hours searching for shells, stones, seaglass and other such treasures in the sand. In Ireland I found happiness in a little town called Doolin. While the other tourists were at the Cliffs of Moher we were on another part of the trail closer to town, closer to the waves of the ocean. I gave up on finding the puffins, and my Mom and I stopped at a part in the trail where one could climb across the rocks and simply sit watching the waves crash then fall, crash and fall. There was nothing like this peace.

I wish I lived next to the ocean.

Lately everyone I love seems to perish and I am left with no peace but regrets and anxiety. Perhaps, it is as easy as Phoebe says on the sitcom Friends. Everyone needs to “go to their happy place”, hear the gulls call out to one another, while searching for perfect round stones on the beach of Biscarrosse… or collecting seaglass between the stones at the beach of Nice… viewing a sunset at the Dune de Pilat while holding hands with your sweetheart and knowing the happiness in that silence because the simple “I love you” has been repeated so many times that all which is needed is to feel the heat of his hands to know, you are safe.

Don’t give up on finding what makes you happy, what makes you smile from the inside out.


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