The dress, finally.

Now girls we have all heard it a million times, the first dress you love will ALWAYS be the one you come back to which was exactly my case.

We started at a very popular dress store close to home in Grey County, Ontario before taking off to the big city, London (ONT). At the first store I tried on every single style imaginable to understand what suited me and what I liked. Depending on preference I could have said “Yes to the dress” many times which is why this decision was so extremely difficult. So let’s go through the choices, I will tell you what I liked and didn’t like.

I went to all the dress stores with my Mom. The first store I had the privilege of having my two sisters join me as well. In London my friend JuJu, my roommate and friend Miss Marsi and my younger sis were able to share in the madness. Bring on dress #1.

Dress #1. 

This dress was very pretty. It might have been a bit too white for me and even though the sequins were young looking, because I am 23 and don’t need to look young, I felt it was screaming PROM DRESS! Something you don’t want to be feeling on your wedding day.



Dress #2. 

My younger sister picked this one out. I loved the lace. I loved that it was not completely white. The buttons were very delicate. It didn’t have that feeling that I was expecting. It wasn’t a dress that screamed Shalana, if you get what I mean.


Dress #3. 

Now that we knew I liked lace, we tried something more form-fitting. I felt that this dress was just too straight, and the lace wasn’t very soft at all but scratchy. It wasn’t the most flattering bust either. It had a shorter train which was nice when thinking about bustles.



Dress #4.

I really liked this dress. It wasn’t stark white. It had a pink belt that highlighted my waist and the flowy, layered material made me feel like a princess. For the same reason that I liked the modern petal-like skirt, my Mom and sisters thought it gave me a flat bum.



Dress #5.

This was great! I had found a dress that showed off all my curves. The rouging meant it had detail but kept everything simple. My mother prefers button or zipper backs, so she was not a fan of the lace up, BUT knowing that this did not bother ME I knew this dress was a contender. We also added a veil and it looked wonderful. Definitely had a good feeling about this.


Dress #6. 

This dress covered in soft lace, pink undertones, and a Spanish flare had me cha-cha-ing in the store. On the down side, it was pinching my ribcage and was a bit too tight.

Dress #7.

This dress had the lace bust, a fabulous flowing train with little satin buttons going down the whole back right to the hem. It was off-white with some pink hues. Very classy.

Dress #8.

This was my older sister’s favourite. It looked great with and without the belt and had a delicate sparkle throughout its lace. I loved the sweetheart neckline but the shape was not as form fitting as I wanted. Sometimes you try on dresses because you want to get an idea of what you prefer, but the dress itself is out of your budget. This was one of those dresses. If it wasn’t so much money it may have been in the running.



After leaving this store I went home with some ideas and feelings. I had not ruled out re-vamping my mother’s wedding dress. So that evening we opened the supposed-to-be-vacuum-packed-dress to try it on. Let’s just say the back would not even zip up it was so small. Let’s hope my baby sis can make use of it. 

Dress #9. 

Soft. Sassy. Add a belt and it even had some bling. But there was something about other dresses that made me feel more mature. 24 was young enough to get married, I didn’t need to remind people how young and fun I can be :).

Dress #10.

I love this dress. Vera Wang. Not white but grey, which meant it was completely different. Felt completely like a princess. It was also the only dress I felt comfortable wearing a veil and actually wanted the veil to go with it. To buy this dress I would have to order it in a different size and have it brought in to fit right, which was possible at that time.

The rest I will show you, but they could not compete with what I had already seen. This doesn’t even cover all of the dresses I tried as many dress stores do not allow cameras. They say that brides take photos in their gowns and then go to a talented seamstress to make the same product. No idea if this actually happens but I myself appreciated the stores that allowed cameras because when you are trying on so many dresses it helps to have something to reference when making your decision. 

Now before I tell you which one I chose, let me know which one you liked the best. 


3 Replies to “The dress, finally.”

    1. That was the idea! I tried on so many dresses it was a shame not to share! But this doesn’t even include the pop-up dress event I went to or several shops in London, ON that do not allow cameras!


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