Get to Know the Blogger



Tell us about yourself?

Born and raised in Grey County, Ontario, Canada I have been blessed with great family and friends as well as a beautiful environment to grow up in.  Just outside of a city, I grew up on a farm, did 4-H, hockey, rugby, and all sorts of activities.

Last fall I graduated University with an Bachelor of Arts degree and a double Major in French Studies and History.

I recently got married to a Frenchman and we are now living in our tiny apartment in the South of France. Together we enjoy cooking and trying new recipes, and getting outdoors.

Why did you start blogging?

Four years ago I participated on my first exchange to France and I wanted something to document the trip, as well as a place for family and friends to check in on the activities I was doing. It was then that I started my first blog that I have since stopped working on because that trip is done.

I really enjoyed that experience and loved sharing my adventures with everyone. This current blog is more so an ongoing project that has become more personal, as it reflects on my interests such as cooking, photography, and my life experiences.




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