My Art

The one of the Canadian goose was drawn from a photograph I took on my lunch break.  I used crayons and melted them into the image.  I didn’t have any white crayons so I had to use white paint to do the final touches.  The landscape appears to have had thick paint applied to it.  What I did however was blend paper in a blender then created my paper maché mixture before applying it onto the wooden board (actually a wooden coffee coaster).  After it fully dried I painted it.  The three that I have done this year include: “Marilyn Monroe”, “Fly High”, and “Iris”.

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9 Replies to “My Art”

    1. Thanks! I am hoping to get photograph some of my other pieces when I’m home for the holidays.

      Also… everyone can do art. People don’t realize that art has developed so far from times of perfect realism. Where everything that was painted were portraits and landscapes that represented exactly what they were seeing.

      Today art has ‘liberalized’, so that artists can change what they interpret, what they see or feel, in different ways and mediums. There aren’t as many rules. I love that art has developed in this way.

      Never be scared to pick up a paintbrush, and avoid the mentality saying you cannot draw and therefore must be terrible at art. Expression is expression.

      If you are interested in simple ways to get interested in creating art I have many ideas… 🙂


      1. Thanks, very enlightening 🙂

        I’m never short of ideas, I think it’s the skill and the time that get in the way … at the moment I’m exploring photography angle, doing some panoramas and have done a couple of portrait cartoons in the past … And yes definitely bringing my creative side out recently, it’s fun !


      2. I have just started to get into photography… as you can tell I love taking photos of food. But don’t quite know how to use my camera to the full capacity yet. It’s my first DSLR camera and I should probably read the manual. Maybe it can take panoramas… I have no idea.


      3. Read the manual, are you crazy ? LOL … I only read the manual in dire emergencies 🙂

        I’ve been getting some quite nice Panos but I take separate shots and stitch them together at home … my iphone will do panos but the colours often seem to get washed out for sunsets/sunrises which I’m developing a bit of forte for.

        DSLR should give you some lovely photos and I’ve considered buying one, but practically I wouldn’t carry it with me and I don’t have the money to buy, so I’m making do with my iPhone 4s (for now !)

        Good to chat



      4. The daytime photos are pretty good provided a little care … night-time I’ve yet to own a camera that was “perfect”, in fact some of the best shots I’ve seen came from a Sony-Eriksson mobile phone …

        When I’m feeling a little bit more affluent I’ll have another look at a separate camera, maybe a DSLR, quality wise I think it’s hard to beat with anything else 🙂

        Warm regards



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