Where in Nice is nice?

You have to go to Nice with the right attitude especially if you do not speak French. Some elderly locals remember a time when Nice was less populated by tourists, where they held grand balls in the hotel that floated on the bay. It was magical I’m told. Now Nice is one of France’s biggest …


Carte de Séjour OR Residency card

Finally in the seventh month of my exchange I have in my possession my Carte de Sejour: which basically means that I am a legal resident of France and can leave the country and re-enter, when my temporary card (paper version) expires next month. So this is good news but the process to get here has been long, tedious and a bit ridiculous even if it does ensure the country's safety by monitoring the immigrants coming in. I would like to share some observations I found bizarre.

Newfie Chronicles

What is a Newfie? Generally for a Canadian the question is very simple: someone who lives in Newfoundland. Technically speaking we Canadians group Newfoundland and Labrador together as one province, even though they are both slightly different. Labrador is connected to mainland Québec and Newfoundland is an island. Even though ancestry in these parts come …